The Culinary Institute at Carolina

The Culinary Institute at Carolina

As another class rotation begins this month, let me take a few minutes to explain some of the changes which are coming to the institute, and to reemphasize some of the policies already in place.

With the addition of Blackboard, instructors can now post any handouts, recipes, links, or any other ancillary materials to the web which students can then download and print for themselves. Using Blackboard effectively allows for much easier communication with students, and relieves costly bulk printing at the McCutchen House. Blackboard also allows us to post grades from any tests given throughout the program.

All classes will have a final test given in class, graded, and posted. As of now, there are no steadfast rules as to whether a student can receive a certificate without passing this test (except for ServSafe©), but it will become the rule soon; especially considering that we will eventually apply for accreditation through the ACF. Syllabi are being reworked for cohesiveness, minimum standards, and for CHRIE approval. There will still be some room for instructors to add additional recipes and techniques, but we must maintain a strong foundation.

A houseperson will be on property through the duration of a culinary class to assist instructors with any issues which may arise during the evening. They will be able to set up anything you may need before class (such as mixers or pull food), but they have a number of duties to tend to that evening as well. They will be there to make sure the kitchens are closed down correctly at the end of class also.

Let’s all remember that culinary skills build upon earlier foundations, so continue to emphasize things like proper knife cuts, sanitation, and proper technique as the students go through all the classes. When possible, try to have the students use previously learned skills in later classes, i.e. if they have already had a baking class, then the students should make their own tart shells in later classes.

Overall, the culinary program has come a long way since its inception, and we are always trying to make it better. All the time and effort from our instructors has certainly not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.


October 3rd meeting Conquest Brewery

November 7th meeting TBD

November 20 Saluda Shoals Chairman's lighting

December 4th Sunday Holiday Party

January 29 President's Award Dinner