Tips of Trade


The best hiring process is to promote from within. This not only creates goodwill within the operation, but also preserves the corporate culture and reduces training costs. However, the position that was vacated will also have to be filled, and the following are just some of the many suggestions for an effective hiring program. Adhering to these rules may be difficult because no one wants to be understaffed for very long, but patience will definitely pay off in the long run.

–Rule #1: Set specific times to accept applications

If you run a help wanted ad, state that applications will only be accepted at certain times on a few dates. It is much easier for staff to have applications and pens already waiting for the applicants than to constantly be called away to do this. Also, only those applicants who are truly interested in the position will make the effort to set aside time in their day to apply, as opposed to people who will come in at their own convenience.

–Rule #2: Conduct a phone interview

After screening the applications, conduct a phone interview with potential employees. The purpose of this interview is to answer basic questions, such as:… Continue reading

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