Tip of The Month

THE MIDDLE EAST Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt

Tip of the Month

THE MIDDLE EAST Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt

The diet of the Arabs consist for the most part of dates, bread and mutton, supplemented on festive occasions by the meat and the milk of the camel; this remains the essential menu of the Bedouin throughout the Arab world.


Tip of the Month

In Thailand, soups usually stay on the table throughout the meal. They can serve as a sauce for rice or dishes that have no sauce of their own. Some soups, such as Hot & Sour Fish Soup, are very light and can be served as a first course, whereas others are more substantial and may be served as a light lunch or supper dish. Finger foods, particularly when sold on the street, is very popular in Thailand. Items like Spring Rolls or Hot Chili Relish with Crudités can be served as an appetizer or as a party food with drinks. Chilies are an essential ingredient in many Thai dishes, and if you are not used to them, add them with caution.

The Key Lime Tree

Tip of The Month

The Key Lime tree (actually a large bush) is easy to identify. If the branches have thorns… then it is a true Key Lime tree!

The most favorite bar drink using real fresh Key Limes is the Margarita.

Many women claim that hair shampoo made with Key Limes produces the best and longest lasting sheen.

Key Lime trees are extremely cold sensitive and cannot be expected to survive in freezing temperatures, but a small Key Lime tree can be grown inside.

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