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All buzz words of the decade but how do we really incorporate them into our daily operations. In years past at CIC we have practiced the 80-20 rule, meaning 80% of our products come from one supplier and 20% came from everyone else. In years past this meant Partnering with one main supplier that best suits your service level needs, quality level, HACAAP controls, and cost controls. This also helped your Green Efforts in reducing the number of deliveries, trucks on the road, paper work reduced, along with reduced labor efforts. One of the down falls in the past of this system is Chef’s might have to give up getting a locally grown or produced product or choice of cost over sustainability. This is seemingly becoming less and less of an issue, as I have noticed suppliers carrying organically produced chicken, South Carolina grown produce, South Carolina produced spring water, as well as a host of other local sustainable products. The questions becomes, are the customers ready for such products, and are Chef’s ready to support these programs before they fade away into the past. This is the time for the industry as a whole to jump on board with the program that your supplier offers and that fits your operation, lord knows we do not want to return to the days of having a choice of only one green bean. Letting our customers know our Collards come from Lexington County, or our eggs come from North Carolina is just one more step you can help with to build a food service distribution system we can all live with. If your suppliers of choice are not talking about these choices then you need to start asking the questions, is it really in your best interest to support the shrimp industry in China, or could you get shrimp from Louisiana? As the industry begins to pull back from the over sized portions of the 80’s and 90’s this is our chance to offer quality over quantity, local over imported, and sustainability over irresponsible.

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