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Junior Members Corner by Charlie Young

Kitchen Tips

Today’s tip is just a reminder to you but I have a little additional information that may be of some relief to some of you. As you know it is a MUST to wear your slip resistant shoes in the kitchen. This is for your own safety as well as a coworker you may stumble into while on your way down to the floor. Being on your feet a lot can become tiresome to you especially if you have or have had back and knee problems. Here is what I have found.

Many of you have seen and commented about the odd looking shoes I have been wearing for the past year that has a spring in the heel. I admit it was strange looking to me at first too. Having had both back and knee surgeries, I was very much interested in the benefits the shoes had to offer. I have been very much impressed with the results. To give you an idea as to how well they absorb the shock of your every footstep when walking, I bought a pedometer for myself. They use the jarring of each… Continue reading

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November 20 Saluda Shoals Chairman's lighting

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January 29 President's Award Dinner