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Food for Thought

The Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) process is a simple technology used to improve the microbiological quality of drinking water. SODIS used solar radiation to destroy pathogenic microorganisms which cause water borne diseases.

SODIS is ideal to treat small quantities of water. Contaminated water is filled into transparent plastic bottles and exposed to full sunlight for six hours. Sunlight is treating the contaminated water through two synergetic mechanisms: Radiation in the spectrum of UV-A (wavelength 320-400m) and increased water temperature. If the water temperatures raised above 50*C, the disinfection process is three times faster.

Secret Island where wild Key Limes grow

Food for Thought

Located somewhere in one of Florida’s secret sanctuaries is a small island (key) that still has its original Key Lime grove. The island, located a few kilometers from the mainland, still has about 30 – 35 producing Key Lime trees that were originally planted many years ago. Only a few lucky local natives know the exact location of the grove and make periodic voyages to gather this succulent fruit.

THE MIDDLE EAST Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt

Tip of the Month

THE MIDDLE EAST Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt

The diet of the Arabs consist for the most part of dates, bread and mutton, supplemented on festive occasions by the meat and the milk of the camel; this remains the essential menu of the Bedouin throughout the Arab world.


Tip of the Month

In Thailand, soups usually stay on the table throughout the meal. They can serve as a sauce for rice or dishes that have no sauce of their own. Some soups, such as Hot & Sour Fish Soup, are very light and can be served as a first course, whereas others are more substantial and may be served as a light lunch or supper dish. Finger foods, particularly when sold on the street, is very popular in Thailand. Items like Spring Rolls or Hot Chili Relish with Crudités can be served as an appetizer or as a party food with drinks. Chilies are an essential ingredient in many Thai dishes, and if you are not used to them, add them with caution.

The Key Lime Tree

Tip of The Month

The Key Lime tree (actually a large bush) is easy to identify. If the branches have thorns… then it is a true Key Lime tree!

The most favorite bar drink using real fresh Key Limes is the Margarita.

Many women claim that hair shampoo made with Key Limes produces the best and longest lasting sheen.

Key Lime trees are extremely cold sensitive and cannot be expected to survive in freezing temperatures, but a small Key Lime tree can be grown inside.

Calculating Food Cost

foodWhen interviewing for a job, calculating food cost, food cost percentages and sales price can be key questions to success.

Food Cost =
Sales Price x Food Cost% (FC = SP x FC%).
Sales Price =
Food Cost / Food Cost % (SP = FC / FC%).
Food Cost % =
Food Cost / Sales Price (FC% = FC / SP).


1. Controlling Time and Temperature: Microorganisms cannot survive or reproduce outside certain temperature ranges.

2. Practicing Good Personal Hygiene: *Proper hand washing *Enforcing rules regarding eating, drinking and smoking *Preventing the ill from working with food *General cleanliness.

How healthy are healthy foods?

Yes some foods may fight diseases and prolong life, but we often forget just because a food is healthy doesn’t mean it’s calorie-free. We often eat too much of a healthy food and that cancels out the benefits it provides.

“Stick your finger in a Peach and live a long time ”


Taoist Philosophy

The history of Peaches is a rather interesting one and I have to admit I was surprised by it a little. I always think of Peaches as a southern staple and have always just assumed they were a product of the Americas. In fact peaches were the first fruit crop domesticated in China about 4000 years ago and had a lot of religious significance to the Chinese. Peaches were believed to be a symbol of longevity and tranquility. It was said that Mother Hsi Wang Mu ’s peach garden appeared only once every 3000 years and the resulting fruit was used to make the gods elixir of immortality. From Asia the peach made its way to Ancient Greece and Rome where it was believed to be an aphrodisiac. The peach was the fruit of Venus and also symbolized truth, a peach with a leaf attached was believed to represent the union of the heart and tongue, hence truth. As with many historical topics it is debated when the peach made its first appearance in the Americas, some say the mid to late 1600 ’s and others say not until the early 1700 ’s. Either way… Continue reading

Effective Management II

We often become callous to just how dangerous a kitchen can be as a workplace. How many other “offices” require employees to work with scalding pots, sharp knives, or slippery floors? As managers, we can never allow ourselves to become complacent when it comes to the safety of our employees. Proper training and internal feedback are keys to establishing a safe work environment.

By following a few simple rules, and authorize employees to make sure the rules are followed, kitchens can become both safe from injury and less physically demanding as well.

Rule #1: Form and empower a safety committee

The best way to discover possible safety hazards is to simply talk to the employees. The people working in the kitchen know firsthand any area or action that may be hazardous. Every employee recognizes dangerous activities or occurrences that put them at personal risk. Allow them to voice their concerns and listen. Work together to establish new safety rules, without dismissing these actions as being too inefficient or toocostly. Think of the costs involved should an employee become injured. Also, empower any employee to stop any action or situation that is dangerous. There is no excuse for putting a co-worker… Continue reading

Effective Management

Over the past two months, we have discussed hiring employees and involving them within the restaurant. This month, we will focus on the unpleasant task of disciplining errant employees.

Remember, disciplinary actions should be viewed as an opportunity to reinforce company rules and to recognize any lapses in our training programs. Sometimes we can get caught up in the day-today operation of the restaurant and find it easier to simply accept an employee’s no-show or chronic tardiness with a “don’t-let-it-happen-again” speech. Unfortunately, some employees will take advantage of our laissez-faire attitude and continue the unwanted behavior until we are forced into a corner. Proper and timely action will help build a stronger understanding and respect for accepted behaviors.

No manager should boast about the number of employees they have fired. The failure of an employee to become an asset to the company is also the failure of a manager. At some point during the employee’s association with the company, the manager shirked their responsibility to the employee. They may have slipped in the interview process, they may not have kept the employee abreast of company rules, or they may have projected an unreasonable image. In any case, there are certain… Continue reading

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